Sharif is an owner of a number of inventions, two of which are major breakthroughs. These two inventions are described below.

Sharif ist Inhaber einer Vielzahl von Erfindungen, zwei davon sind bedeutende Durchbrüche. Auf diese beiden Erfindungen wird weiter unten genauer eingegangen.

شريف صاحب عدد من الاختراعات. اثنان منها احدثا اختراق هام في المعرفة التقنية. وفي ادناه وصف لهذين الاختراعين.

Collapsable Space Shuttle

This invention was patented by the European Patent Office.
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The idea of the invention "Collapsible Space Shuttle", which is a major technical break through, was initially developed as a reaction to the experimental spaceplane SpaceShipOne, the winner of the Ansari X PRIZE. This space shuttle accomplishes a sub-orbital journey by means of a carrier and carried flying machines. This makes its fabrication and operation extremely expensive.
In contrast to this, the task of the invention "Collapsible Space Shuttle" was to create an airship which is capable of accomplishing the entire take-off in the earth's atmosphere by means of a static lift and of flying beyond into the space by means of a dynamic lift. Such a sub-orbital space shuttle can as a result of fuel conservation replace a carrier and a carried flying machines and, thereby, realizing enormous savings in the fixed and variable costs. Taking-off in the earth's atmosphere by means of a static lift is safer and enables also the avoidance of a number of technical complications, such as the dependency on special airports or on launching pads for taking-off and on parachutes for landing in addition to other shortcomings during take-off, such as noise and pollution caused by emissions.
The collapsible space shuttle can be unfolded and folded up automatically on the ground and during flight and can be operated as an aircraft or as an airship. The collapsible space shuttle in the configuration of an aircraft can accomplish the take-off by means of a static lift and then fold up and flay horizontally as heavier than air flaying machine like traditional aircrafts. It can unfold short before reaching the target destination and touch down in the configuration of an airship.
In the configuration of an air ship the collapsible space shuttle can substitute a helicopter. It can hover for ours and ours by means of a static force without wasting a drop of fuel.

Power Drive based on Electric Furnace

Patented by the European Patent office under the number EP 1688291. For a full description of the invention refer to the following link:

The invention "Power-Drive based on Electric Furnace" is also a major technical brake through. This invention provides a solution for the problem of the limited capacities of electric batteries required to drive different means of transportation. For example it is not feasible to use thousands of batteries to power a ship. An electric furnace filled with heat resistance steel enables the conversion of huge quantities of electric current into heat. The heat could be preserved in the electric furnace. By demand the heat could be converted into mechanical power by means of pumping of air or water into the electric furnace from one opening and attaching a motor unit to the second opening. The heated air or vapor generates high pressure which would drive the motor. A ship of a capacity of 300.000 tons would, for example, be able to accommodate an electric furnace filled with 30.000 tons of steel without a problem. A power-drive based on this electric furnace would also be able to power such a ship without a problem. A power - drive based on electric furnace can also be applied for powering aircrafts using hydrogen as fuel. By injecting the compressed hydrogen together with air into the furnace it would burn without the need for carrying compressed oxygen on board. In this way the aircraft would be liberated from carrying on board the heavy tanks of compressed oxygen and in the same time would partially replace fuel by means of electric power. Less fuel means in turn weight reduction. This invention provides also a solution for the problem of the limited capacities of electric batteries required for powering motor vehicles and the length of time required for their recharging. The "Power-Drive based on Electric Furnace" can power motor vehicles by means of heated air.